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Our all-in-one platform provides all the tools you need to build, manage, and scale your website for success!

Pure SSD Raid 10 Storage

High speed solid state disk drives allows for quick page load response time and better performance!


An enhanced, drop-in replacement for MySQL with improved database performance.

LiteSpeed Web Server

Performance up to 20x faster than Apache with a small memory footprint and increased scalability…

Nightly Backups

Sleep sound knowing your data is backed up and secured by our Namegeni team (1 Day Retention Free).

One Click Install

Install WordPress without having to touch a single file or line of code. Fill out one simple form and get online.

Free WordPress SSL

Automatically secure your WordPress website and admin area with our complimentary SSL certificates.

Malware Protection

Complimentary malware scanning and proactive brute-force attack protection. Keep your website safe from hackers.

Free Cloudflare

Increase your page load up to 200% and protect against DDOS attacks with Cloudflare.


What is Web Hosting?

A web hosting account is a secure space on powerful computers (called servers) located in special buildings (datacenters) that provide consistently fast Internet connections, redundant power supply, and physical access security. Today, web hosting has evolved from being considered “just some space on a server” to being a comprehensive platform on which you can build, publish, and market your website, in addition to providing powerful collaboration tools such as email, calendars, and file sharing.

Our web hosting plans are designed for Canadian small businesses and entrepreneurs wishing to build, grow, and publish their website quickly and efficiently without breaking the bank, and include great tools such as Site Builders, WordPress, email, visitor statistics, and more. They are easy enough to use even if you have no technical experience, while being powerful and versatile enough to meet the needs of advanced software developers and power users.

Which Web Hosting plan is right for me?

Get the best web hosting plan for your type of website and usage.

The STARTER web hosting plan is a good starting place for small, personal website isn’t commercial in nature.

The PLUS web hosting will be the right fit for most small business websites. It includes automatic SSL protection, a free domain name registration, and delivers better performance (double the RAM, CPU, Disk throughput), enabling faster page loads and more simultaneous traffic to your website. It’s a great choice for WordPress, Joomla or Drupal sites expecting to receive several hundreds of visitors per day. It also includes Premium features such as Anycast DNS.

The BUSINESS web hosting plan delivers the best performance (twice that of the PRO plan), includes larger mailboxes, as well as a dedicated IP address and advanced antispam. It’s the right choice for eCommerce websites, discussion forums, or larger, dynamic websites.

You can easily upgrade from one hosting plan to another from your Client Area at any time.

Why Choose Namegeni for Web Hosting?

In addition to the standard features you’ll get from most web hosting providers, Namegeni offers even more:

  • Improved performance up to 10x faster than the competition with highly optimized web servers, including fast SSD RAID-10 storage and LiteSpeed acceleration.
  • The best tools, including multiple Site Builders, 1-click installation for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and popular e-commerce tools such as PrestaShop, OpenCart and Magento.
  • Namegeni datacenters, improving load times for Canadian clients, improving search results in local searches with IPs, and benefiting from Canadian privacy laws. We operate out of Canada East coast and West coast datacenters for added proximity to your clients.
  • 24/7 expert support in both French and English. Our team is always available when you need help by phone, chat or email.
  • For power users and developers, Namegeni delivers too: multiple versions of PHP, Python, and Ruby, MySQL databases, SSH access, and burstable resources for hungry applications.
  • Our most powerful DNS technology, featuring D-ZONE Anycast DNS. It’s included for free with PLUS & BUSINESS hosting plans!
  • Greater value. With Namegeni, you’ll pay less and get more. Start small with one of our shared web hosting solutions, scale up to Namegeni cloud servers once traffic picks up, and move on to dedicated servers when needed — all under the same roof, with ongoing help from our team of experts.
Can you guarantee my website transfer will be problem-free?

Unfortunately, no. Since every website is different and there are thousands of different service providers from which to migrate from there are many issues that can arise. Some issues that we’ve encountered that can create problems during migrations include

  • websites running on very old platforms (PHP 5.3 or earlier)
  • websites using incompatible technologies such as ASP.NET or Java
  • websites using proprietary Site Builders (such as Wix or SquareSpace)
  • migration requests that are incomplete or inaccurate
  • websites that are custom-built and that rely on hardcoded configurations buried deep in the website’s code
  • websites that are already infected or buggy before being migrated
  • migrations where the other service provider is actively attempting to block our migration attempts
  • migration requests based on unrealistic time constraints (example: transfer 100 websites in under 24 hours)

If you worked with a website developer to build or update your website, it’s generally a good idea to inform them about any upcoming migrations so that they can be available to assist in troubleshooting any issues that may arise.

While we do our best to successfully complete every migration request that we receive, this is a courtesy service and there can be no guarantees as to its outcome. Having said that, we pride ourselves on a 95%+ success rate for incoming migrations and our team completes on average managed migrations every day. Our experts have successfully completed many of migrations each and will provide their professional, honest and transparent service during each migration request to maximize the chances of success.

How is Web hosting different from a Domain Name?

A domain name is an Internet address used to locate your website or web application. If available, a domain name can be registered for up to 10 years at time, and be renewed indefinitely. However, a domain name registration on its own doesn’t actually do anything other than prevent someone else from registering it.

To display website content and access email, a domain name must connect to a web hosting account, a Cloud Server, or a Dedicated Server. Namegeni makes it easy for you to reserve your domain name while ordering a web hosting account. We include a free domain name registration with certain hosting packages. You can also associate multiple domain names with the same website, or multiple domains to separate websites on the same hosting account.

How long will it take to migrate my site?

Most websites get transferred in under 24 hours once you’ve sent us working login information to your current web hosting provider. Most website migrations are scheduled overnight (EST) to minimize potential disruptions.

While migration times may vary depending on the complexity of your website, we’ve completed some site transfers in as little as 30 minutes. Larger or more complex sites can sometimes take longer to fully migrate over, but there’s no project too big or too small for our trained migration specialists. Our migration team will inform you of expected delays and estimated completion dates if there are special circumstances.

Domain registration transfers are normally initiated after the website’s contents have already been transferred, and can take anywhere from a few hours to up to 5 days to complete. Your website remains online and available throughout this process.

What is the WHOIS?

Whenever you register a domain, your name, email, phone number and complete address is recorded in the public WHOIS database. The WHOIS was created to ensure online transparency; however, in recent years it’s been used or harvested by spammers, hackers and identity thieves.

Though there are some exceptions, such as .CA domains, if you have not specifically enabled domain privacy protection, then your information is on the WHOIS for everyone to see through easily accessible online tools.

How can I transfer my website from another provider?

Transferring your website to Namegeni normally involves two steps: transferring your domain registration, and transferring your website content. Our team can help perform both operations for you, free of charge, usually in under 24 hours. Simply open a support request asking for a site transfer after you’ve activated your hosting account, and include the login details from your current provider.

If you’d like to find out more about transfers or if you’d prefer to complete the transfer yourself, consult our Help Center Article about How to transfer your website to Namegeni.

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