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Our Mission is You

Name geni is a Canadian hosting company totally devoted to web and cloud hosting for professionals, interpenoures, like you. Growing businesses and the Designers, Developers and Agencies who create for them. It’s our focus. And that focus translates to products, services and support designed specifically for mission-critical sites, stores and applications. Our  experienced administrators, and technicians are dedicated and empowered to make your life easier so you can focus on the work you love. For us, it is all about Powering Your Business Potential™.

What Makes NameGeni Web Hosting Different?

Unlike many of the “big hosting” brands out there, we have built our entire web hosting platform using top of the line hardware and software. We also don’t use traditional old school dedicated servers, rather our entire infrastructure is built in the cloud giving us the ability to scale resources on demand. In this age of technology, we give you more than just the best choice of hosting products. We give you The Most Helpful services In Hosting®. Because we believe the more you need technology to fuel your business, the more you need, caring people to be there for you.

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We are one of the easiest website hosting platforms to use, and remain committed to providing our customers with one of the best hosting solutions on the market.

We provide high speed Cloud Hosting with. 99.9% uptime!
Name Geni Ranked Best WordPress Web Host For 2020.


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